TB: Okudzeto Ablakwa exposed again over his consistent lies

DNTN, Ukraine – Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a North Tongu member of parliament, is assuming a demeaning reputation for fabricating information in order to grant himself some influence over Ghanaian students studying abroad.
However, he was exposed on two crucial instances for flat-out lying to damage the reputation of the NPP administration, which is in power, or to make the flight of Ghanaian students abroad appear uncaring or careless.
The newest falsehood from Ablakwa is his “discovery” that Russian military attacked a Ukrainian train carrying Ghanaian students.
First, a quick Google search found up no evidence of a Russian force strike on a train in Ukraine, which would have been a significant change from Russia’s claim that it had done so.
Also, a follow-up investigation by DNT from our Ukrainian correspondents similarly turned up nothing.
You might remember that Ablakwa pretended to hold a news conference at the start of the coronavirus outbreak to declare that Ghanaian students were passing away from the virus in China and that the NPP government was being insensitive by leaving them there.
At the time, Ghana’s Embassy in Beijing did an exceptional job of taking care of the students, according to a thorough report that DNT Correspondent Michael Amponsah put in. The account was supported by video footage that showed Ghanaian students relaxingly displaying their well-being.
These two events highlight the desperation of people like Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who are always looking for an excuse to criticize the administration.
On a related issue, a post has been circulating on social media encouraging Ghanaian students studying in Ukraine to seek assistance from a supposed Dr. Albert Kitcher at a bogus location.
Dr. Albert Kitcher has publicly refuted the assertion and requested that no one get in touch with him since he has no connection to any assistance for Ghanaian students.