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The owner of the abandoned truck which caused accident on one of the newly secured trains has been jailed 6 months. 41 year old Abel Dzidotor is said to have pleaded guilty in court today to three out of the four counts leveled against him.


News reaching Daily Insights today reveals, the owner of the abandoned truck, Abel Dzidotor, is a staunch NDC member and a branch secretary for the National Democratic Congress.

  Mr Abel Dzidotor, parked the abandoned truck directly across the Tema-Mpakadan railway in a sharp rail curve. Despite emergency braking by the train driver, the train couldn’t be stopped in time thereby hitting the unattended vehicle causing the train crash. The train is part of the newly procured trains from Poland and was undergoing a test run.


Early this year, it was also reported that some unidentified people have vandalized transformers and stolen copper wires plunging the some communities into darkness. This could be attributed to a calculated attempt to sabotage the government’s developmental efforts to fuel the dissemination of  propaganda in order to score cheap political points.

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Government Unveils Ambitious Modernization Drive for Technical and STEM Education.

During a press conference today, Dennis Miracles Aboagye, the Director of Communications for Dr Bawumia’s 2024 Campaign, announced a comprehensive modernization and expansion drive for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in Ghana. He further highlighted significant achievements in the modernization of TVET, with new state-of-the-art facilities under construction and already existing ones undergoing renovation. He emphasized the government’s vision of adopting Dual TVET Method, which combines classroom learning with practical and on-the-job training which will ensure students are well-prepared for their chosen fields.


In a bid to bolster STEM education,Dennis Miracles Aboagye revealed that the government has completed the construction of ten regional STEM centers across the country. These centers aim to train a complete STEM pipeline from primary through Junior High School (JHS) to Senior High School (SHS). The Accra High School STEM Centre, operational already, receives around two hundred and fifty students daily, offering training in robotics, 3D printing, coding, physics, chemistry, and biology for JHS and SHS students in the Greater Accra Region.Additionally, he disclosed that six other STEM centers, nearing ninety percent completion, are located at prominent educational institutions such as Mfantsipim School, Fijai SHS, Koforidua SHS, Jinijini SHS, Ahafoman SHS, and Abuakwa SHS. Meanwhile, centers at Mawuko SHS, Sefwi Wiawso SHS, and Atebubu SHS are between thirty to fifty percent complete, showcasing the government’s commitment to expanding STEM education nationwide.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Furthermore, he remarked government has embarked on improving science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in one hundred and eighty (180) selected Senior High Schools, aiming to enhance practical learning experiences and improve the quality of science education across the country. 

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The Communication Directorate of the Bawumia Campaign Team led by Dennis Miracles Aboagye in a Press Conference this afternoon which centred on the Future of Education in Ghana has revealed that there is a possible threat in our education sector should former President Mahama be allowed to take over power once again. According to Dennis Miracles, the future of Ghanaian youth rests on the quality of today’s education and for that matter, we cannot allow education to be bastardized by the politics of an incompetent presidential candidate who failed as a president.

The Bawumia campaign is disdained about the recent attacks on the credibility of WASSCE results and the intelligence of the students as well as the efforts of their teachers and parents by the presidential candidate of the opposition NDC and former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. The Bawumia campaign team in their official presser believes that former President Mahama’s unnecessary attacks on our education causes reputational damage to our education globally.

Dennis Miracles Aboagye in his presser emphasized the position of the NPP and its presidential candidate. The team believes that the NPP and Dr. Bawumia has the future of Ghanaian youth at heart and are poised to render Ghana ready for the 4th industrial revolution which would be achieved in the possible Bawumia government starting January 2025.     

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Dr. Bawumia Dazzle Patrons On His Selfless Leadership & Bold Solutions Vision

In a stirring event held at the Kofi Ohene Konadu Auditorium, the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA), the stage was set for a momentous occasion as Ghana geared up for its next phase of leadership. The air buzzed with anticipation as distinguished guests, political stalwarts and members of the New Patriotic Party gathered to witness history unfold on the 7th of February 2024.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

The atmosphere heated with positive energy as the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia made his grand entry into the Kofi Ohene Konadu Auditorium, UPSA. Before delving into his vision as the spotlight fully shifted to him, the event began with a spirit-filled prayer offered by Apostle Dr. Stephen Kwame Ntow Amoani, a poignant reminder of the spiritual foundation underpinning of the nation’s regard for the Almighty God.

As the event progressed, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Minister of Information and Dr. Tibu Darko, Deputy General Secretary of the NPP took to the centere stage to extend a warm welcome to audience, setting the tone for what was to come and Mr. Stephen Ntim, Party Chairman, followed suit, emphasizing the party’s commitment to democracy, diversity, unity and how poised they are to attain victory in the upcoming Election 2024. Their words echoed a resounding call for solidarity, urging all to rally behind the chosen candidate and all parliamentary candidates for a brighter future.

Audience cheer Bawumia on

However, it was the presence of a towering figure from Ghana’s political landscape that added a midas touch of nostalgic and reverence to the event. Former President Kuffuor, affectionately known as Ghana’s gentle giant, graced the event with his wisdom and experience. Recalling his encounter with Dr. Bawumia over two decades ago, President Kuffuor painted a vivid picture of a man destined for greatness, a sentiment echoed by his subsequent rise in politics.

Reflecting on the challenges of modern leadership, President J. A. Kufuor emphasized the need for visionary leadership, grounded in both humility and technological prowess. His impassioned plea for competence and unity resonated deeply, transcending party lines and echoing the collective aspirations of the nation.

Bawumia Speaks

In his closing remarks, President J. A. Kufuor left no doubt about his belief in Dr. Bawumia’s ability to steer Ghana towards a brighter future. With unwavering conviction, he called upon all Ghanaians to embrace this moment of destiny, urging them to unite behind their chosen leader with renewed hope and determination. This huge endorsement was graceful and glorifying to the DMB brand and to a larger extent, the elephant family.

As the event proceeded, there was a palpable sense of optimism in the air, a shared belief that Ghana’s next chapter would be defined by selfless leadership, bold solutions, and a collective commitment to progress. In the words of President J. A. Kufuor; “Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man is now!” and with Dr. Bawumia at the helm of affairs, Ghana is poised to write a new and inspiring chapter in its storied history.

Finally, the Man of the Moment mounted the podium and all set to deliver his masterpiece. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia started as he unveiled his ambitious plans to propel Ghana into a new era of prosperities and opportunities. With the upcoming presidential elections looming, Dr. Bawumia’s speech captured the attention of Ghanaians nationwide, offering a glimpse into his vision for the country’s future.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and wife, Hajia Samira Bawumia

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party began by acknowledging the pressing economic challenges facing Ghanaians, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and other global economic challenges. He emphasized the need to tackle rising costs of living head-on, outlining comprehensive strategies to address key areas such as agriculture, energy, housing, and transport.

Highlighting the importance of food security, Bawumia pledged to leverage technology and irrigation to boost commercial farming and enhance improved agricultural activities. He also unveiled plans to invest in renewable energy, aiming to reduce dependence on oil and gas while significantly lowering energy costs through the introduction of solar and wind power.

Underscoring Ghana’s vast natural resources, including gold, lithium, and bauxite, Bawumia emphasized the importance of value addition and Ghanaian ownership. He outlined policies to support responsible mining practices, formalize small-scale mining, and increase Ghana’s gold reserves to stabilize the national currency.

Dr. Bawumia reiterated his commitment to industrialization, particularly in sectors such as agro-processing, gold refinery, and automobile production. He emphasized the importance of empowering local businesses, reducing smuggling, and establishing special economic zones to spur economic growth and job creation.

Addressing concerns about corruption, Bawumia stressed the need for transparency and accountability in governance. He outlined plans to promote a cashless society, introduce digital currencies, and publish public contracts online to enhance transparency and reduce opportunities for corruption.

Bawumia reaffirmed his commitment to investing in education and healthcare, including expanding infrastructure at medical schools and supporting special needs students. He also emphasized the importance of caring for vulnerable groups, partnering with faith-based organizations to promote ethical values and community support.

Bringing his remarks to a conclusion, Dr. Bawumia appealed to Ghanaians to embrace his vision for the future, emphasizing his track record of integrity, hard work, and dedication to public service. He also urged Ghanaians to break free from the shackles of impossibilities and embrace the mindset of Possibilities.

With regards of the upcoming elections, Bawumia urged voters to consider the choice between progress and stagnation, pledging to lead Ghana into a new era of prosperities and opportunities.

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Ghana’s Next Chapter: Dr. Bawumia’s Vision of Selfless Leadership and Bold Solutions for the Future

In a momentous event scheduled for the 7th of February 2024 at 4:00 pm, Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, takes center stage as the presidential candidate for the New Patriotic Party. With the much-anticipated address titled “Ghana’s Next Chapter: Selfless Leadership and Bold Solutions for the Future,” Dr. Bawumia is set to unveil his vision for a prosperous and harmonious Ghana.

Dr. Bawumia is set to speak on the 7th

The chosen venue for this significant discourse is the Kofi Ohene Konadu Auditorium at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

Dr. Bawumia’s focus on “Selfless Leadership” implies a departure from conventional political narratives, emphasizing a dedication to the collective welfare of the Ghanaian people. This theme echoes a commitment to servant leadership, where the needs and aspirations of the citizens take precedence over personal or political gain.

The concept of “Bold Solutions for the Future” hints at a forward-looking agenda that acknowledges the challenges faced by Ghana and proposes innovative, courageous approaches to address them. Dr. Bawumia seems poised to steer the nation’s economy and overall development through a transformative era, tackling issues head-on with strategic and daring initiatives.

As the event unfolds, it is anticipated that Dr. Bawumia will not only articulate his vision but also connect with the audience on a personal level. Humanizing the political discourse is crucial in fostering a sense of relatability and trust between leaders and the people they aim to serve.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Presidential Candidate of the NPP

This address serves as a pivotal moment in the political landscape, offering Ghanaians a glimpse into the leadership style and values that Dr. Bawumia envisions for the country. The choice of UPSA as the venue reinforces the importance of education in nation-building, signaling an understanding that a well-informed and empowered citizenry is vital for sustainable progress.

As Ghana eagerly awaits this event, there is a palpable sense of anticipation and hope for a new chapter guided by selfless leadership and bold solutions. Dr. Bawumia’s address has the potential to shape the narrative of the upcoming elections and, more importantly, the trajectory of Ghana’s future.


John Mahama is confused, 24 hour policy is not well thought through- Bawumia

Bawumia hits hard at Mahama


Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has criticised the 24-hour economy policy proposed by National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer John Dramani Mahama.

Dr Bawumia, who is also the New Patriotic Party’s flagbearer for the 2024 general elections, asserted that Mr Mahama lacks an understanding of the policy he is promising to Ghanaians.

During his tour of the north on Monday, November 20, Dr Bawumia dismissed the idea, stating that a 24-hour economy cannot be legislated by the government.

24 hours economy policy does not make sense- Bawumia

He highlighted that various sectors of the economy, such as healthcare, security services, and digital transactions, already operate 24 hours due to the digitalisation agenda he has championed since 2017.

Dr Bawumia expressed his skepticism about Mahama’s proposal, emphasising that a 24-hour economy is already a reality for many businesses based on market demand and opportunities.

“I hear John Mahama has a new idea and he wants to run a 24-hour economy. I say where did he get this idea from? It is not a bright idea! A 24-hour economy cannot be legislated by the government,” Dr Bawumia said.

“Today, there are many businesses that are already working for 24 hours. Hospitals are open for 24 hours. You can buy electricity for 24 hours. Because of digitalisation, you can transfer money for 24 hours. There are many chop bars and restaurants that are open for 24 hours.”

John Dramani Mahama, the leader of the NDC, had pledged to establish a 24-hour economy as a key pillar of his campaign for the 2024 presidential election.

Mahama-Bawumia contest heats up

Mr Mahama argued that such a policy would contribute to economic growth and job creation, especially for the youth.

In a statement commemorating the 2023 International Youth Day, Mr Mahama outlined his administration’s commitment to nurturing a skilled and entrepreneurial youth.

He stated, “A new NDC administration will work urgently to equip our youth with the entrepreneurial knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable future. We will introduce a 24-hour economy with incentives and tax breaks for manufacturers who will run extra shifts to create more room for employment.”

In response, Dr Bawumia rebuffed the idea, asserting that it is not what Ghanaians need at the moment.

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The Jackie O Effect: Samira Bawumia’s Rising Influence in Politics

Every student of politics will tell you that Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie O) was the main winner of the Jack Kennedy presidential campaign. Though her presence was felt after President Kennedy had won the Democratic primaries, she was the star of the whole show.

Jackie Kennedy wasn’t just a fashion icon or a pretty face; she was a brilliant writer, spoke three languages, and had the ability to capture the attention of her audience whenever she took to the podium. These qualities of Jackie O can also be seen in Samira Bawumia. From her (Samira Bawumia’s) iconic speech, which gave birth to the phrase “Incompetent Mahama,” to how she carries herself with grace and poise, Mrs. Samira Bawumia is our Jackie O.

The impact of an element of a campaign can be seen through the number of attack ads that opposition groups throw against such elements. As Madam Samira Bawumia concludes her Ashanti region tour, attack ads being launched at her clearly indicate how successful her tour must have been. From scrutinizing and calculating the cost of her clothing items to make her appear out of touch with the middle class, to accusing her of dishonesty and body modification (cosmetic surgery), they know she is a star, hence the attacks.

But in the face of all the attacks, she carries herself with grace and remains focused on her mission. If the attacks are the price to pay in order to build a lasting legacy (like the one Jackie O and JFK built in US politics), to her, it’s worth it. That’s the kind of mentality a First Lady material needs to make her partner’s presidency a success story.

The Bawumia campaign recognizes the Samira Bawumia effect, and best believe we will see more of her. I, for one, cannot wait to see what she has in store for us after November 4th.


Favoritism Threatens Democracy: The Dangerous Game of NDC’s Former President Mahama

In the midst of democratic elections, the integrity of a political party is crucial for upholding the principles of fairness and equality. Recent events surrounding the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Odododiodio constituency primaries have raised serious concerns about the influence of former President John Dramani Mahama and his alleged favoritism, which is eroding the party’s core values and threatening its very foundation.

National Democratic Congress supporters

Scheduled for October 22, 2023, the NDC’s primaries in Odododiodio are meant to be a platform for the party’s members to choose their preferred candidate for the 2024 parliamentary elections. A fair and transparent process is essential to ensure that the chosen candidate truly represents the will of the people. However, disturbing reports of violence and undue interference have marred the run-up to the primaries.

Violence broke out during the vetting of candidates at the NDC headquarters, and it appears that former President Mahama’s influence is at the heart of the turmoil. Allegations suggest that he is actively working to eliminate real competition and promote a candidate of his choice. This not only undermines the principles of democracy but also threatens the very fabric of the NDC.

Act of vandalism at NDC regional office

One particularly alarming incident is the assault on Citi FM journalist Akosua Otchare, who was merely doing her job by covering the vetting process. Such attacks on the media are not only violations of press freedom but also an affront to the democratic values that the NDC claims to uphold. A healthy democracy depends on a free and independent press to hold those in power accountable and to provide the public with information about the political process.

Former President Mahama, as the presidential candidate for the NDC, wields significant influence within the party. However, his involvement in the internal selection process raises questions about whether the NDC is becoming a one-man show rather than a party of collective decisions. It is crucial to remember that the strength of a political party lies in its ability to accommodate diverse perspectives and voices.

This situation is not just a concern for the NDC’s internal affairs but has broader implications for the entire democratic process in Ghana. A party’s internal dysfunction can weaken its ability to provide a strong opposition and hold the ruling party accountable. A divided and biased party may alienate its supporters, leading to disillusionment among the electorate.

The NDC, as one of Ghana’s major political parties, should be a shining example of democracy in action. The favoritism and violence surrounding the Odododiodio primaries have the potential to erode the trust and support the party enjoys among its members and the general public.

It is crucial that the NDC addresses these allegations of favoritism and violence promptly and transparently. The party must demonstrate its commitment to the principles of democracy, free and fair elections, and the protection of press freedom. Ghana’s democracy thrives when political parties maintain a level playing field, fostering inclusivity and transparency. Failure to do so could have severe consequences for the NDC and the health of the nation’s democracy as a whole.

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Feature: Challenges and Progress: The NPP gets things done

Feature by: Stephen Marfo Adu

I must admit, there is a lot to be done as a country. We are not accelerating as we would want in areas such as health infrastructure, education, finance, and other sectors of our economy. However, I’m yet to see the NDC present a reasonable policy that will enable us to develop these sectors of our economy within the shortest possible time.

A feature by Stephen Marfo Adu

People went on the streets to protest for various reasons; which, to me, are all valid. Indeed, the government has to step up its game, especially in the case of rebuilding the La General Hospital. But rest assured, the attempts being made by certain partisan actors (within the organizers of the demo) to downplay the government’s effort will not wash. Under this administration, we have seen the most ambitious investment ever made within the health sector: Agenda 111, where the government has tasked itself with building 111 hospitals in record time. Eighty-eight hospitals are expected to be completed and fully operational in 2024.

This is the first time an administration in this country has decided to make education at the secondary level free nationwide under the flagship program Free Senior High School (FSHS). It’s foreknown that a program like this will test the already existing high school infrastructure to its limit, and it’s worth acknowledging the plans the government has put in place to reduce/eliminate this pressure. The plans include building new senior high schools (10 of them being STEM-focused), TVET centers, and expanding classroom blocks and boarding houses in already existing high schools. Some of these high schools and TVET centers have already opened their doors, and the majority are near completion. There is more to be done, and it shall be done.

Since 2017, over 10,875 kilometers of new roads have been constructed, be it highways or inner-city roads, compared to the 503 kilometers of roads constructed between 2009 and 2016. This shows this administration’s commitment to expanding and improving our roads. Road accidents on the Accra-Kumasi road have reduced significantly due to the road expansion by the Nana Akufo-Addo-led administration.


There are many policies that have been implemented by this administration to make our lives easier, from the digitization of our healthcare and financial systems to industrialization, but there’s always more room for improvement. However, if there’s anything that history has taught us, it’s that the NPP is a party that gets things done. President Kuffuor’s achievements live on, and so will President Akufo-Addo’s legacy live on once he leaves office.

My advice to Ghanaian youth: you are fighting for valid reasons, and no one can tell you otherwise. Protesting for the cost of dialysis to be subsidized is a good cause, and so is protesting for the Tema motorway to be fixed. However, it’s necessary to call out the selfish NDC actors who want to piggyback off your agitations into government (The Jubilee House); they have nothing to offer you

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I have utmost respect for the credible Bawumia – Kennedy Agyapong


Credible Bawumia

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for Assin Central, Ken Agyapong, has said his recent comment about government’s “poor” management of the cedi was not targeted at Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia.

“You call yourself a strategist but when we were taking over power the dollar was GHC4, today US$1 is GHC12 and yet you call yourself a strategist,” Agyapong told NPP delegates. “In March 2022, I had US$40 million in cedi equivalent, in August 2022 the value of the US$40 million had dropped to US$16 million.”
According to him, the strategist he was referring to in his tirade was a specific lawmaker.

“The truth hurts… so you are the victim, and I am educating you, and you think I’m hitting back? You see, they are not being fair. I did not hit the Vice President but I hit one MP because he said, ‘We don’t want somebody who will come and say that I have done this and that for the party and Ghana, but we want a strategist,’” Agyapong told Home Radio in the Upper West Region.
Respect for Bawumia
“I have the utmost respect for Vice President Bawumia and his strategic thinking,” Agyapong, who is also aspiring to become the party’s presidential candidate said. “He has demonstrated time and again his ability to effectively strategise for the benefit of the party and the country as a whole.”

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong

Agyapong did not name the lawmaker in the interview but said that MP was in Parliament “shouting” Ghana was not going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but “within two hours the country was there.”
The maverick politician also called on the media to avoid sensationalism in their reportage.

“The people that I have helped, made them who they are today, they are the ones that are against me. I bought cars, gave them money, campaigned for them to win their seats, but now, they’re my number one enemies. But I just look at them, and I say ‘Lord, forgive them because of their stomach’”, Agyapong said.

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