Vice President Bawumia honors National fitness day

In order to promote good health, the government has designated one day each year as National Fitness Day, which was officially started on Friday in Accra.
The national fitness day will be honored on September 10 and the second Saturday of every month at the local, state, and federal levels.
The Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia had requested that a day be set aside each month for Ghanaians to exercise and maintain good health. Mustapha Ussif, the Minister for Youth and Sports, who was introducing the event, said the initiative was in response to his request.
He claimed that the population’s inactivity had led to numerous illnesses and had a negative impact on production.

“There is the need for individual change and Ghanaians must also begin to exercise and prevent sicknesses and its associated medical bills,” he added.
The national fitness day, Mr. Ussif pointed out, would not only promote good health but also community relations, mental health, and sports in general. The country as a whole stood to gain a lot from it.
“This concept is very common in the USA and UK and we would replicate same in Ghana and urge all to participate and stay healthy,” he stressed.
“A healthy national is a happy and productive nation and everyone within the corporate and civil organisations must partner government to make the event a successful one,” he added.

He claimed that the Vice President was a powerful advocate for the occasion and exhorted Ghanaians to take up the role of good health ambassadors in their homes and neighborhoods.
Prof. Peter Twumasi, Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), promised the organization’s support for the idea, adding that it will aid in promoting sports in the nation.
“This is one of the important activities to improve upon our sports and also get all Ghanaians on board to be healthy and stay away from the hospital,” he stated.
In order to reap the rewards of sports, he continued, Ghanaians must truly take the initiative.

National fitness was something that many people sought, according to Madam Shea Naa Boamah, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Education, and the project would help a lot of people get along.
“Sports would help you to build unity and team spirit among Ghanaians and give the current generation a platform to build friendships within the virtual world of communication,” she stated.
To entice the public to participate in aerobics and other forms of exercise, the National Fitness Instructors gave a demonstration.