The Jackie O Effect: Samira Bawumia’s Rising Influence in Politics

Every student of politics will tell you that Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie O) was the main winner of the Jack Kennedy presidential campaign. Though her presence was felt after President Kennedy had won the Democratic primaries, she was the star of the whole show.

Jackie Kennedy wasn’t just a fashion icon or a pretty face; she was a brilliant writer, spoke three languages, and had the ability to capture the attention of her audience whenever she took to the podium. These qualities of Jackie O can also be seen in Samira Bawumia. From her (Samira Bawumia’s) iconic speech, which gave birth to the phrase “Incompetent Mahama,” to how she carries herself with grace and poise, Mrs. Samira Bawumia is our Jackie O.

The impact of an element of a campaign can be seen through the number of attack ads that opposition groups throw against such elements. As Madam Samira Bawumia concludes her Ashanti region tour, attack ads being launched at her clearly indicate how successful her tour must have been. From scrutinizing and calculating the cost of her clothing items to make her appear out of touch with the middle class, to accusing her of dishonesty and body modification (cosmetic surgery), they know she is a star, hence the attacks.

But in the face of all the attacks, she carries herself with grace and remains focused on her mission. If the attacks are the price to pay in order to build a lasting legacy (like the one Jackie O and JFK built in US politics), to her, it’s worth it. That’s the kind of mentality a First Lady material needs to make her partner’s presidency a success story.

The Bawumia campaign recognizes the Samira Bawumia effect, and best believe we will see more of her. I, for one, cannot wait to see what she has in store for us after November 4th.