According to actress Akuapem Poloo, drama is a necessary part of her existence.
She claims that becoming involved in issues has helped her develop a strong online presence and fan base. Read here

Akuapem Poloo stated, “Drama has brought me this far,” on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM. Without drama, I couldn’t possibly function in this world. I get a lot from my theatrical persona, including many agreements.
“This is because the energy I use to advertise is so dramatic, it gets people’s attention on the product and people buy it.”
The actress mentioned some of the issues she has been involved in throughout the years that were all organized to accomplish a particular aim at the time.

As the family’s sole provider and caregiver, Akuapem Poloo noted that she is committed to work hard and stand out in order to maintain her popularity, which in turn attracts income.

She claimed that if she chose to keep quiet and stop her antics on social media, she would take a severe financial hit.
“I need the attention. I need it, it helps. The more I trend the more my market boost, if I draw back on that it is going to worry me a lot. Whatever I do puts food on my table, that of my son and my mum,” she added.

“I am the only child, I have a lot of responsibilities so I need to work hard. Work hard as in not stealing, or doing bad things to get money, but I am just fooling on social media to get food to eat and to make my family look good and make my son look happy,” the actress stressed.
Akuapem Poloo said she is cautious about what she does because she was jailed in 2021 for uploading a naked photo of herself with her son.

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